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Ønsker du en frisyre som er enkel å kontrollere? HUFS Wax har holdfaktor 6/10 som betyr at du får en frisyre med god hold som likevel er enkel å restyle. Dette gjør den til en veldig allsidig hårvoks med matt glans, som passer til “alt”. Samtidig som den aldri vil oppleves fet eller gjøre frisyren din tyngre.
Do you want a hairstyle that is easy to control? HUFS Wax has a holding factor of 6/10, which means that you get a hairstyle with good hold that is still easy to restyle. This makes it a very versatile hair wax with a matte shine, which suits "everything". At the same time, it will never feel greasy or make your hairstyle heavier.

Styling tips:
Start with a small amount of HUFS Wax the size of a pea and apply more as needed. A good tip is to start at the back of the head and style forward towards the front / fringe to ensure that the distribution is even.
We recommend using Wax in dry hair for the best possible effect. If you use wax in damp hair, mix the product with water and get less hold. It is easily washed out of the hair with shampoo , remember to tighten the lid tightly so that the product does not dry out.
Did you know that all our HUFS hair waxes can be blended to adjust strength and hold? You can mix HUFS Wax with Shaper or Cream to customize the hair wax exactly the way you want it. For optimal holding factor, use first Ocean Spray in damp hair, before blow-drying your hair and styling with optional HUFS hair wax.

Suitable for:
You who want an easy-care and flexible hairstyle with good hold - which is still easy to restyle and maintain.


  • Holding factor 6/10.
  • Medium gloss.
  • No parabens, sulfates or MI.
  • 100 ml. done.
  • Free shipping on purchases of 2 products or more.


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