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Trenger du maksimalt hold i frisyren din? Med holdfaktor 8/10 er HUFS Shaper laget for deg som vil beholde formen selv under virkelig tøffe forhold, uten at håret blir stivt og unaturlig. Shaper er en fiber paste med medium glans, som heller ikke oppleves fet eller gjør frisyren din tyngre. Dette er enkelt og greit en hårvoks i verdensmesterklassen som holder frisyren din på plass, uansett hva som skjer!

Do you need maximum hold in your hairstyle? With a holding factor of 8/10, HUFS Shaper is made for you who want to keep the shape even in really tough conditions, without the hair becoming stiff and unnatural. Shaper is a fiber paste with a medium gloss, which also does not feel greasy or make your hairstyle heavier. This is simply a world-class hair wax that keeps your hairstyle in place, no matter what happens!

Styling tips:
Shaper is used in small to moderate amounts since it is a product that really locks your hairstyle. Distribute it well in your hands before shaping the desired hairstyle. We recommend using a shaper in dry hair for the best possible effect. If you use hair wax in damp hair, the product is mixed with water and gets less hold. Shaper is easily washed out of the hair with shampoo , remember to tighten the lid tightly so that the product does not dry out.
Did you know that all our HUFS hair waxes can be blended to adjust strength and hold? You can mix HUFS Shaper with Wax or Cream to adapt the hair wax to your own wishes. For optimal holding factor, use first Ocean Spray in damp hair, before blow-drying your hair and styling with optional HUFS hair wax.

Suitable for:
You who are a lot in activity and do not have time to fix your hair several times during a long day - or in situations where the hairstyle is exposed to great stress.


  • Hold factor 8/10.
  • Medium gloss.
  • 100 ml. done.
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